Consumer Product

As the lead designer on a full-service marketing team, I was responsible for creating a new e-commerce website for Gerber Childrenswear that aligned with the company’s existing branding and style guidelines. This project involved collaborating closely with other team members, including developers, copywriters, and marketers, to ensure that the website not only looked great but also functioned well and effectively communicated the Gerber brand’s values and message. 

Project Summary

I had to conduct user research, gather requirements, and develop wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to demonstrate the design to stakeholders and get their feedback. I also worked closely with the product managers, developers, and other designers to ensure the consistency and coherence of the design across the website. You had to prepare and supply style guides and design specifications to the engineers who were going to implement the pages, including color schemes, typography, layout, and interaction patterns.


Project scope

Waterfall Methodology
Continuous SDLC
40 pages and email templates


Front-end Developer
High-fidelity prototype
Low-fidelity wireframe

Tech Stack

Adobe CC