Retail E-commerce

During my time working with a team on Belk’s website, I took on several roles including conducting user testing, designing webpages, and providing styling specifications for developers. Through this process, I was able to contribute to the success of the project and ensure that the final product met the needs and expectations of our users.

Project Summary

Through user testing, I was able to gather valuable insights on how users interacted with our website, which helped to inform our design decisions. Using this information, I created several webpages that were intuitive and user-friendly. To ensure consistency across the website, I also provided detailed styling specifications for our developers to follow.

Project scope

Waterfall Methodology
One-year SDLC
Over 30 pages with annotation
20 hours of user interviews


High-fidelity prototype
Low-fidelity wireframe
UAT Testing
UX Research

Tech Stack

Craft Manager
MS Visio