Clinical Surveillance App

As the lead UX and UI designer for a web application redesign of an old antiquated system that services onsite healthcare professionals with real-time patient information, analytics, and all things related to EHR, my responsibilities included analysis of the existing system, conduct usability tests, and reviewing existing data to identify pain points, user needs, and any technical limitations that must be addressed. My primary responsibilities was to create a user-centered pages that aligned with given business requirements and delivered value to expert users in the healthcare field.



Project Summary

I worked closely with the leadership and development team to develop a comprehensive redesign plan. This plan incorporated my UX and UI design solutions and aligned with the project goals and user needs. By doing so, we helped ensure the success of the project and created a more efficient and effective system for healthcare professionals to access real-time patient information and analytics.

Project scope

Two-week agile sprints
Two-years SDLC
Over 200 screens


High-fidelity prototype
Lead UX UI Design
Low-fidelity wireframe
User Testing 

Tech Stack

Azure Dev Ops